Trade Talk

Red Seal electrician takes helm of BC Fed.

BCBT pleased with $20.1 billion commitment to public infrastructure

The BC Building Trades applauds Budget 2019’s commitment of $20.1 billion in public infrastructure investment ̶ the highest level ever for a three-year fiscal plan. The capital spending will be used to build hospitals, schools, post-secondary facilities, transit...

Trade Talk

TT Winter 2018 Web.pdf Members of Millwrights Local 2736 erecting a stacker-reclaimer at the Roberts Bank Coal Port.

BCBT women's committee welcomes transgender members

Date:  Sunday, December 16, 2018 The women’s caucus of the BC Building Trades has become the first chapter in Canada to welcome transgender people to its membership. Known as Build TogetHER, the caucus has opened its doors to all members in good standing of...

What women want: Equality

Date:  Tuesday, October 30, 2018 Women belong in the trades. Period. By Corry Anderson-Fennell BCBT Director of Communications When someone tells Sandra Brynjolfson she can’t do something, they are most often wrong. Take, for example, her career as an...