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The BC Building Trades works with construction companies to build a better British Columbia. Access to skilled workers combined with our industry expertise make us the perfect partner to help get your project built—and to make sure they are the best in the province.

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Who We Represent

Get connected to more than 40,000 highly-skilled workers across all areas of the construction industry.

Cement masons
Construction craft workers
Culinary workers

Drywall finishers

Heavy equipment operators
Mobile crane operators



Refrigeration mechanics
Sheet metal workers
Wall and ceiling installers

Why Partner With The BC Building Trades?

We’re proud to operate the College of the BC Building Trades.


  • 18 trade-specific schools
  • 26 training programs
  • 23 safety programs
  • 52 upgrading courses

Your Solution To The Skilled Worker Shortage

Right now, the biggest challenge in the construction industry is the demand for skilled workers. We can help. 

Partner with us and get a direct line to tens of thousands of workers who are ready to work.

  • Comprehensive, specialized, and flexible training programs prepare workers with the technical knowledge and experience your project demands
  • Certified workers build to code so every build, from complex and technical to smaller projects, is top-quality
  • Regular safety training ensures better safety standards to protect workers and projects

Investing in workers helps them develop long-term, sustainable careers in the construction industry. And that leads to higher retention, fewer project delays, greater project completion rates, and fewer injuries on site.

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We Do All The Resourcing, So You Don’t Have To

Avoid the uncertainty of finding reliable talent during this ongoing worker shortage. We’re here to help cover all your resourcing needs. 

With our expertise, we’ll help you with:

  • Access to a reliable pool of talent that’s ready to work
  • Negotiating agreements with stakeholders
  • Navigating the project planning process to deliver your projects on time

The earlier you bring us in, the better it is for you. Whether you’re an experienced industry professional or a relative newcomer, you’ll navigate projects easily with our support.

B.C.’s best-skilled workers are ready for your next project. Book a Project Partnership Meeting now to find out more.

Ensure Your Project Gets Built

Even after approvals, your project can experience resistance from the community that might cause delays or even a shutdown. Working with us means re-investing in the communities where projects are built and building public support.

Our community initiatives deliver benefits that go far beyond physical infrastructure. That’s how we’re helping you build a better B.C., and ensuring your project gets built.

We are:

  • Creating more local training and career opportunities
  • Actively diversifying the workforce to get more underrepresented workers like women and Indigenous workers in the trades 
  • Investing in initiatives that provide mental health and addiction support for workers

Together, we can leave a legacy by building projects that last generations. Investing in unionized labour ensures support for workers and gives back to our communities. That way, everyone wins.

Ready To Build With Excellence?

Whether you’re planning your next project or simply want to learn more about unionized construction, we would love to help you. Book a Project Partnership Meeting today.

Request A BC Building Trades Partnership Guide

Still have questions? Our Building With Excellence partnership guide has all the information you need to learn about the ways the BC Building Trades can help you build your winning projects. Get in touch to request a Building With Excellence partnership guide and we’ll make sure that all of your questions are answered.


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