We have a duty to mentor our apprentices – President’s Message

December 3, 2021 WHEN WE TALK about apprenticeship, we talk of the immeasurable benefits to the apprentice; the start of a lifelong and rewarding career with both on-the-job and classroom learning. Our Building Trades unions have led the industry in offering top-notch...

A Message from CBTU – Plenty missing from federal budget

July 21, 2021 WHAT THE LEGACY IMPACT of COVID-19 will be is hard to envision, when we are still deep within the crisis. At the time of putting pen to paper, Ontario and Nova Scotia are both in lockdown, Alberta is experiencing soaring cases, and across the country,...

Workers Advocate’s Message – Chronic pain: a painful story

July 13, 2021 OUR FORMER president of the BC Building Trades Council, Lee Loftus, was a prized member of the workers’ representatives on the Policy, Practice and Consultative Committee (PPCC) for  many years. The PPCC consists of two Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB)...

President’s Message – Plumbed facilities not too much to ask

June 15, 2021 THE BC BUILDING TRADES RECENTLY commissioned an independent report on the sanitation conditions on construction sites in British Columbia. The Report on Washroom Facilities in the Construction Industry provides an in-depth analysis of the current...

Time to put the brakes on uncertified tradespeople

June 11, 2021 By Brynn Bourke & Melissa Chirino DO YOU WANT someone without training to work on the electrical wiring of your home, your child’s school, or the hospital in your community? Or how about the brakes on your car, or on the 18-wheeler behind you as you...

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A skilled trades workforce mobility tax deduction would take workers off of programs like EI, and would save the federal government an ... estimated $347M. Support tax
fairness at http://buildingtrades.ca/advocacy/labour-mobility #OnTheRoad @CDNTrades

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