July 9, 2021


  1. Site C
    The construction of Site C has reached the halfway mark, with work continuing on the powerhouse construction, building up of cofferdams, excavation, drainage features, and other aspects such as highway realignment. Over 2,300 workers are expected to be on the project by late spring with more to come by summer. The $16 billion project, which has been impacted by the pandemic as well as geotechnical costs, is scheduled to finish by 2025.
  2. Coastal GasLink
    Over a quarter of the construction work has been done on the Coastal GasLink pipeline with some 2,400 workers across the project at last count. Clearing, grading and pipe installation continues, as well as the construction of compression and metering facilities. The $6.6 billion project is expected to be done by late 2023.
  3. Pattullo Bridge
    Site preparations are underway for the Pattullo Bridge replacement on both sides of the Fraser River: New Westminster and Surrey. The $1.38-billion project is scheduled to open in 2024. Three hundred workers are expected at peak construction.
  4. Kitimat LNG
    Work on the LNG export facility at Kitimat is well underway and expected to be completed in 2025. A milestone was reached this spring with the construction of the phase 1 plant piling program. It is anticipated that around 3,000 workers will be employed this spring, with an increase to 7,500 workers during peak construction in 2022-2024.
  5. Broadway Subway Project
    Site preparations for the $2.83 billion Broadway Subway Project are underway with the construction of subway stations, elevated guideway, and tunnel portal taking place later this year. The project, which is scheduled to open in 2025, is expected to employ 400 workers at its peak.
  6. Highway 1
    Construction is underway on the Chase River, Salmon Arm West, and Illecillewaet sections of Highway 1. Completion of the final section of Kicking Horse Canyon, considered most difficult section of the highway, is slated for Winter 23-24. Up to 300 workers are anticipated at peak construction. The province has committed $1.044 billion to the highway upgrading projects. Highway 1, the Broadway Subway and the Pattullo are all projects under the Community Benefits Agreement, which prioritizes jobs for locals, women and Indigenous workers. As of April 2021, 79 per cent of the skilled trades people on CBA projects fell into one or more priority hire group. In fiscal 2021/2022, up to 1,400 people will be working on CBA projects.
  7. Trans Mountain Expansion
    As of April 2021, close to 8,000 people were working on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project in communities across British Columbia and Alberta. The $12.6 billion project is set to be completed by late 2022 with the greatest share of construction taking place this year. Work on the Burnaby Mountain Tunnel, which is considered a construction milestone, begins this