Red Seal Skills

There is very little as critical to the future of our Building Trades than protecting Red Seal training.

In fact, to protect workers' safety and dignity — and pride in product quality — the Building Trades unions will only invest in full-scope trades training. We will not certify workers to standards less than Red Seal.

What is Red Seal training?

Red seal skills deliver long-lasting, good paying careersVery simply, the Red Seal program is recognized as the interprovincial standard of excellence in the skilled trades. It is the highest standard of training in the country, and the minimum level we believe is acceptable — the credibility of our trades, unions and workers rests with making sure we meet this standard.

What Red Seal training gets you

Along with excellence in training, the Red Seal is also your ticket to taking advantage of opportunities around the country. It means that you are recognized as having the competence and abilities to work in any job in Canada without having to go through any further examinations. In an increasingly mobile workplace, the Red Seal is essential for your future.

How you get your Red Seal ticket

An Interprovincial Standards Red Seal can be obtained in the building trades by:

  • Graduating from a recognized provincial or territorial apprenticeship training program
  • Meeting requirements established by the provincial or territorial apprenticeship authority
  • Having the time and experience working in a Red Seal trade assessed to qualify to write the Red Seal examination
  • Passing the interprovincial standards Red Seal examination for that trade

Want to find out about Red Seal certification for your trade?

It's easy. Just go to our Find a Trade tool and enter in the trade you're interested in. In About the Trade, you can explore the Red Seal info; in About the Training, you'll find contact info for the Apprenticeship/Training Coordinator for your trade and they'd love to hear from you.


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Protecting Red Seal Certification

Red Seal is the interprovincial standard of excellence — and we want to make sure it's protected.

In April, 2003 the BC government passed legislation that allows for the certification of partially trained workers. The full scope, Red Seal, apprentice training system is now only optional in BC.

The provincial government went ahead with these changes in spite of protests from more than 70% of BC contractors and businesses (union and non-union alike) who wanted to keep the Red Seal standard mandatory.

Among other things, it means that partially trained workers will not have the inter-provincial mobility and flexibility available to Red Seal certified workers.

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