Federal Budget Brings Hope for BC Building Trades & Disappointment with the Province’s Response

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The BC Building Trades welcomed the 2017 budget commitment by the Federal Government to fund the Metro Mayor’s Transit Plan. At the same time, the Council was disappointed to see the Province refuse to move its share of funding from 33% - 40%.

“It’s essential we start building the Mayor’s plan and break the transportation funding gridlock in Metro Vancouver,” said Tom Sigurdson, Executive Director of the BC Building Trades. “We want to see the province raise its commitment to the Federal Government’s funding level.”

The BC Building Trades has been supportive of the Mayor’s Transit Plan because it would bring much needed infrastructure to the area while creating jobs.

A report from Green Jobs BC found that “Over its 10 years, the Mayors’ Council Transportation and Transit Plan will contribute to 26,322 person years of new direct employment, 43,800 person years of total employment, $2.96 billion in wages, and $4.48 billion toward GDP in Metro Vancouver. On average, over the 10 years, 4,380 person years of employment will be created annually. By 2024, the annual number of person years of work from the Mayors’ Council plan will be 5,901.”

“We hope BC Finance Minister De Jong will realize the value of making this investment in BC’s infrastructure,” said Sigurdson. “Construction workers need these jobs now. Should the province insist on keeping its commitment at 33%, construction employment opportunities, like the transit plan itself, will go nowhere.”

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