December’s Dismal Employment Statistics on Site C Raise 5 Hard Questions for BC Hydro on Apprenticeship Commitment

Monday, February 06, 2017

Employment statistics released by BC Hydro on Friday reveal only 40 apprentices are working on the Site C project out of a workforce of 1,916.

“These figures fly in the face of provincial policy which encourages contractors on publicly funded projects to employ apprentices,” said Tom Sigurdson, Executive Director of the BC Building Trades.

“We know it takes a 1:4 ratio to maintain a stable supply of certified workers. BC Hydro should be compelling contractors to employ 25% apprentices in apprenticeable trades if they are truly committed to providing jobs that will build careers for British Columbians.”

BuildForce Canada’s 2017-2026 Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward forecast anticipates the need to replace as many as 40,000 British Columbians retiring from construction in the next ten years.

The BC Building Trades has 5 hard questions for BC Hydro on their commitment to apprenticeship:

1. What percentage of apprentices do they have working on the Site C project from apprenticeable trades?

2. Did BC Hydro make provision for apprentices on contracts let to current contractors?

3. What is BC Hydro doing to increase the number of apprentices on the project?

4. What obligations do out of BC contractors have to employ BC apprentices on the project?

5. Will BC Hydro commit to follow the BC government’s directive to employ 25% apprentices on the Site C project?

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