Big campaign to raise numbers and awareness

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Watch for the BC Building Trades’ year-long TV and local newspaper advertising campaign, community presentations, and speeches to all corners of B.C. promoting its new Seal of Approval. The seal represents an assurance that everything built by BC Building Trades is constructed to the highest standards with no compromises on safety or the environment. 

“Construction is a cornerstone of the provincial economy,” said Executive Director Tom Sigurdson. “And the BC Building Trades, with its 35,000 members, represents the most qualified workers in the province."

The campaign is intended to boost the number of people in the skilled trades and convince provincial and municipal politicians to promise jobs first to British Columbians on all publicly funded and even large private-sector construction projects. 

Increasing the number of skilled trades workers includes encouraging more young women to enter the trades and more support for training and apprenticeships. 

The public is onside when it comes to local hire policies. A poll by Mustel Group and commissioned by the council found that 85% of people agree that B.C. workers should have the first opportunity to work on construction projects. 

Building on this fact, the media campaign will raise the profile of the BC Building Trades and increase public awareness of the skilled work of its members.








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