Demand Justice for Workers Injured or Killed on the Job

Sign our petition; demand action. Because it's long past time for stronger workplace accountability measures that hold corporate executives and directors accountable for cases of negligence causing workplace death or serious injury.

We need your help getting that message across to the BC government.

We are asking you to join the BC Building Trades in pressing government to pass the Workplace Accountability Act, which was presented in the legislature by Harry Bains, MLA for Surrey Newton.

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Let's build momentum. Let's create a solution.
Let's make sure justice is done.

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Demand justice
Demand justice


Working for Justice

» Building Trades push for workplace accountability by launching campaign. See story.

» NDP Bill urges stronger action in death cases. See story.

» BC Building Trades launches Campaign for Workplace Accountability on national Workers Day of Mourning. See story.

BC Building Trades

A Petition to the BC Government

Criminal Accountability
in Workplace Fatalities & Injuries

Corporate executives and directors must be held accountable for cases of negligence causing workplace death or serious injury.

  • I support designating a Crown Prosecutor to deal with workplace fatality and serious injury cases and mandatory police investigations when a worker is killed on the job.
  • I call on the Government of British Columbia to pass the Workplace Accountability Act.
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The Facts on Justice

» On average, thirty-six construction workers die every year in British Columbia due to workplace exposures and trauma

» The House of Commons passed the Westray Act in 2004. The Bill makes it possible to prosecute employers for criminal negligence. It was named after the 1992 Westray coal mining disaster in Nova Scotia where 26 miners were killed.

» There have been more than 1,350 deaths in British Columbia since the Westray bill was passed

» No employer has ever been convicted under the Westray Act in B.C.

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